Are you Crafty?

I am not crafty at all. Weaving is one of the few crafts to ever catch my attention. But just lately I have spent some time creating braids on a braiding disc. Yes, I know that is called kumihimo, but what I do is much less lofty than that word indicates.


There is a category of kumihimo patterns called Kongoh-gumi or Kongo gumi. And that means? Friendship Bracelet. Yes, I have backed into it, but I am spending some time making “friendship bracelets”. I have always liked playing with making cord. And this simplified arm of kumihimo has caught my attention – for now. The controlled size of the work area, the sometimes mind calming (numbing?) repetition, the vast resources for patterns, all appeal to my desire for order. (Does anyone here remember I like weaving drafts almost as much as the handwoven items themselves?)

But why would I make friendship bracelets. My motivator? Some young relatives. On a visit, one of them gifted me with this charming bracelet. I love how he achieved the solid areas of black, gray and white – and with only those 3 strands!


In some upcoming posts, I will show some of my faltering first steps and some great resources for anyone who wants to try this. [Yes, I know this has been an “in” thing for years. My only explanation is that I was otherwise pre-occupied for most of those years….]


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