Hiding in Plain Sight

Wanted a boy-like pattern and came across a camouflage design. Used DMC floss for these with rattail for a sliding knot closure.


Luckily you do not need camouflage in your hunt for ideas for the bracelets. The search for patterns for these easy little bracelets is as close as your ipad … or whatever device you choose.

Friendship-Bracelets.Net has a staggering number of patterns. It can be filtered by number of strings, number of colors, pattern number, pattern similarity, user and a few others. Additionally you can sort by several criteria including newness and popularity. The site also includes a Pattern Generator so that you can create your own patterns. Thousands of patterns can keep you browsing for days (ask me how I know….)

For example, here’s the page for the kumihimo pattern for the camouflage bracelets above:


Check it out at Friendship-Bracelets.net – Pattern 1066

The page shows the pattern (keeping in mind this is a round braid and the pattern might be mighty small and of course wraps all the way around….) It shows the placement of the threads on the disk and the total number of colors and threads. I usually print this and note on it the colors I use.

Craft Designs Online is another useful site. I have used its kumihimo generator to modify a design but the site has many areas I have not yet explored.

If you want inspiration, head on over to Pinterest and search on kumihimo. I love that such a simple search will take you to Pins on the topic but with a tab for Boards as well.

I haven’t even touched on the beaded kumihimo but your pinterest trip will offer plenty of eye candy for that. Using beads creates new color opportunities because your bead placement can drive your pattern instead of being locked into the progression that thread colors and braiding dictates.

Thanks for coming along on my journey through this craft.

My weaving starts in August. I really don’t think I yet have an appropriate weft. More on that in an upcoming post.


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