For many years I was the Webweaver for the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston.

I first started weaving decades ago and ordered a loom from Craft Industries. Then I didn’t do anything with that loom for many more years. Horses and riding took any spare time I had from work.

I retired in 1999 and went to the John C. Campbell School and found out there that Houston has an active weaving guild. I joined CHH (Contemporary Handweavers of Houston.) I took a few classes, enjoyed the Swatch Swaps and found a niche where I could serve the Guild by doing the guild web site.

Life intervened for a few years and although I was able to keep up with website responsibilities, other life duties cut into my weaving. Along the way I have acquired some physical limitations and am going to try weaving again to see if I can figure out how to work around those.

The blog will feature my progress in doing so as well as any other crafty things I pick up on.

It might even reach into to my real passion, the construction of websites and the things I learn along the way.