Scarf – Finished!

Forgot to blog about the finished scarf!


The colors suit my blue jean lifestyle but could work well with a dressier look. I love a turned twill – and it shows off a dyed warp very well.


Next post: a kumihimo braid inspired by this scarf.


As the Twill Turns

Always interesting to see how the dyed warp interacts with the weave structure. I have had good luck with turned twill in the past and this one is coming along nicely. 20/2 Silk, 24 ends per inch.

Turned Twill

The Winner!

I thought the Navy silk would win out, but an unnamed dark/bright one (4?) is the winner.

Here it is on the swift:


This may show the color better:


Tomorrow I actually wind it into a ball. Past history tells me I have to be careful or I will not be able to get the ball off the ball winder. I have some old yarn still on the plastic cone of a ball winder. Wound it on toilet tissue roll but it just got too tight and never could slip it off. I really don’t want to invest in a new ball winder for each silk weaving project. 😉

My class day went great. I’ve always enjoyed Tracy’s classes. She is very organized and knowledgeable. She was able to juggle three varied students efficiently. I am about halfway threaded through the heddles. The real beginner in the group is already weaving! This gal is fast!

I will share my draft in the next weaving post. Will try to take some photos of the class too.

Weft Choices

My Weaving “Refresher” class starts tomorrow. I ordered some Treenway Silks skeins to consider as weft. Of course they are all beautiful colors but the question is which one will work best for my dyed warp.


The warp has a kind of faded look and I don’t know which will best enhance it. Supposedly a dark color will “frame” the dyed warp. A contrasting color might energize it. The structure is a turned twill.


Decision day tomorrow!

Silk Scarf Project

This is a silk warp that my sister dyed over a decade ago. My challenge is to find a compatible weft and to weave a scarf out of it.


image The warp really reads “blue” to the eye even though it does not in this image.

I have ordered 6 different colors to test for the weft. None of them look right to me. The warp has a kind of faded denim base look and the selected potential weft yarns look too vibrant and saturated. So weaving challenge #1 is what weft will I choose and will it work with the warp?

Luckily, you can never have too much silk….