Kumihimo – Dyed Silk

I used dyed silk thrums (loom waste) left over from weaving my turned twill scarf and designed a kumihimo braid that echoed my twill blocks.

Silk Scarf Background - Kumihimo Bracelets and Thrums on Stand

Silk Scarf Background – Kumihimo Bracelets and Thrums on Stand

I adapted the kumihimo pattern I showed in Blue.


And this is my “pattern”. The gold areas on the pattern represent the dyed warp. Note: I used the design tool at craftdesignonline.com to make the adaptation.

The smaller braid used thrums from the dyed warp and the solid blue used in the scarf (20/2 silk). This is a 20-strand braid and this sample used 2 strands of silk for each slot. I did not use a core and this made a very small braid. Using the thrums (or loom waste) from my scarf meant my sample was quite short – not enough for 2 wraps around the wrist.


For the second sample, I used the same 20 strand braid, but used 4 strands for each slot. I pulled the wrong solid blue and it was not  as dark and intense. I also used memory wire for the core. This made a much more robust bracelet, but too short for 2 full wraps.

Silk Thrums Bracelet

Silk Thrums Bracelet

I liked how the design echoed the blocks from the turned twill.

I did not like the “finishing”.  The first endcap looks slightly better than the second but I was all thumbs as I tried to handle endcap, braid, glue, etc. I have never been a crafter  and have little skill, experience, or patience with the fiddly parts. Determined to get some experience by finishing the ends of these samples, I *was* successful in obscuring my fingerprint sufficiently with glue and glue removers so that my fingerprint no longer works on my iphone. I improved slightly on the second endcap in that I did not adhere any body parts. I don’t know if I have enough time and grit left to make up for my crafting illiteracy. I think most people learn to glue MUCH earlier in their life journey. Hmm, wonder if there is a nearby pre-school with space for a large student? Meanwhile, I will braid on, and boldly “finish” every little braid to learn some techniques that work for me.


The Winner!

I thought the Navy silk would win out, but an unnamed dark/bright one (4?) is the winner.

Here it is on the swift:


This may show the color better:


Tomorrow I actually wind it into a ball. Past history tells me I have to be careful or I will not be able to get the ball off the ball winder. I have some old yarn still on the plastic cone of a ball winder. Wound it on toilet tissue roll but it just got too tight and never could slip it off. I really don’t want to invest in a new ball winder for each silk weaving project. 😉

My class day went great. I’ve always enjoyed Tracy’s classes. She is very organized and knowledgeable. She was able to juggle three varied students efficiently. I am about halfway threaded through the heddles. The real beginner in the group is already weaving! This gal is fast!

I will share my draft in the next weaving post. Will try to take some photos of the class too.